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Human Rights Protection and Anti Corruption Organization is a NGO  that has been created with the objective to reach out to those individuals that are in the greatest of need, suffering hardship, being disadvantaged (through their disability, race, age, and gender), finding themselves vulnerable in their communities and outcasts from their culture and society. HRPACO is to help these groups of people through its humanitarian beliefs by creating innovative opportunities through the development of person centered services and solutions, to promote inclusion and independence, self worth and self belief. Human Rights Protection and Anti Corruption Organization is a grassroots non-governmental organization founded in 2013 by service minded and dedicated youth. The idea was to make the HRPAACO. A Human Rights Organization free from political ideologies, so that people belonging to various political parties & Social Communities may come together on one platform for the defense of Human Rights, Citizen Rights, Corruption Free Country, Civil Liberties and to watch democracy. HRPAACO is being the registered organization has their branches in several places in India & members from all over the India.

To improve the quality of life for oppressed, disadvantaged, and marginalized peoples. HRPAACO is engaged in bringing in the awareness and educating people for establishing and promoting schools with secular credentials, setting up of Literacy camps, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Healthcare centres, Ashrams for handicapped and Old Age care homes in every nook and corner of the Country. HRPAACO wishes to create an atmosphere of peace among all citizens of India, help promote awareness to fight against Communalism, Terrorism and all other forms of Crimes. HRPAACO organizes various Camps including Blood-Donation Camps,Free Medical body checkup camp, Eye-care camps, Heart-care Camps, AIDS Awareness camps, Cancer Awareness camps, and De-addiction camps with the help of volunteer Doctors and prominent Surgeons and various other Councils and Organizations.

To provide support, build capacity, and integrate individuals into mainstream society who have traditionally been suppressed in personal, social, economic and political domains. We strive to bring about equality of opportunity in our society with preservation of regional & cultural traditions, by advancing the right of Citizens of India. Explicitly we work towards prosperity of rural, tribal & urban slum dwellers through integrated approach, which embodies Law awareness, Rights of Citizen In India education, economic, health, sanitation, capacity building & bio-diversity programmers, with an insistence on women empowerment..

Human Rights Protection and Anti Corruption Organization (HRPAACO) is today’s growing non-government organization (NGO) in India in Human Rights Protection and research. From Starting of this NGO, its commitment has been, and continues to be, the conservation & Awareness of Law. Agriculture & Rural Development, Self-Help Group Promotion & Micro Finance, Capacity Building & Networking at grass root, Relief & Rehabilitation, Human Resource & Development, Income Generation Activities, Vocational Training, Small Scale Industries, Promote Non Convention Energy Source, Environment & Forest  protection & Disaster Mitigation, Women empowerment, Rehabilitation of disables & deprived people, Health & Family Welfare, Reproductive Child Health Care, child labor eradication and protection of child right, Conduct of Mass awareness campaign, Cluster Development Program, Care for the Old Aged People. Establishment of Community Based Drug(Medicine) center where there is no doctor, Training cum production centers, Marketing Outlets And Tie Up, Social Justice & Employment, Labour Welfare
HRPAACO makes its networking by making committees in Block & District Wise. In this HRPAACO select the 25 members who are proper residency of that Block or District, and appoints them on that Block/District, Block & District. In there working central committee keep following then directly or indirectly. After appointing them we woks in that place with their help. HRPAACO find Local NGOs & Self Help Groups in particular area and by taking them with us and our local committees we do our social service in that area. We makes our office in that area are make available our office to them for doing social works in that area. We regularly do program and awareness camps by taking all of them together. On need we appoint them in our committee also and make available our resources to them in their working path.
HRPAACO have printed the books for “Law and Social awareness”. This distributes to the general citizens from the office of the HRPAACO. This books which has been distributed to the general public is ‘Samajik Chetna’ in Hindi. There are more books related to the law awareness is in printing which will distribute to general citizens.
1. Health & Family Welfare
2. Women Development & empowerment.
3. Care for the Old Aged People
4. Self-Help Group Promotion
5. Capacity Building & Networking at grass root.
6. Human Resource & Development 
7. Training programs for groups of 25 women include tailoring, knitting, embroidery, handloom weaving and making leather products.
8. Income Generation Activities.
9. Agriculture & Rural Development
10. Relief & Rehabilitation
11. Rehabilitation of disables & deprived people.
12. Small Scale Industries 
13. Promote Non Convention Energy Source
14. Environment & Forest protection & Disaster Mitigation.
15. Law Awareness.
16. Reproductive Child Health Care, child labor eradication and protection of child right.
17. Conduct of Mass awareness campaign.
18. Labour Welfare
19. Establishment of Community Based Drug (Medicine) center where there is no doctor.
20. Training Centers.
21. Social Justice & Employment.
Location/ Area of Operation
All Over India
HRPAACO programs and activities are managed and monitored through well defined operational processes with emphasis on transparency and accountability. Our senior team leaders are members of important policy making bodies both at the Central and State levels

The HRPAACO team comprises of educationists,Advocates, development professionals, media personnel, corporate, workers, activists, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, civil servants, bankers, corporate professionals, consultants, who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving the future.